Self Care tips

Magnesium supplements

Magnesium is one of the most deficient minerals in our diet today; a lot of people commonly overlook it and are unaware of its several benefits. It is a necessary component of several hundreds of biochemical pathways and reaction in the body, and also plays important roles in the physiology of organ systems such as the cardiovascular system, the visual system and the musculoskeletal system.

Muscle pain is a way our body informs us that we have overstressed our body beyond limits and they need to be replenished with important minerals and proteins that promote muscle building and restoration.

Magnesium plays an essential role in alleviating the symptoms of muscle pain because it acts as a muscle relaxant. It promotes influx and efflux of calcium ions into muscles during contraction and relaxation respectively. 

What causes Mg deficiency?  Caffeine, excessive sweating, alcohol, high-fat diets and stress 


Good sources of Mg:  Brown rice, kidney beans, wheat, cashew, oatmeal, spinach, almond, lentils etc.


Getting adequate amounts of magnesium through your diet or via supplements goes a long way in preventing muscle pain, thereby keeping your body pain-free.


Recommended daily dose: The daily recommended dosage of magnesium is 310-320 and 400-420 for females and males respectively. 

Progressive Relaxation

Relaxation could mean different things to different people.  It is important to know which activities relax you; to some it could even be work while to others it could be a vacation.  People often confuse relaxation with specific activities such as meditation or yoga or deep breathing but it is certainly much more than just that.  Think of activities that would improve your day everyday!


Self massaging the temples and jaw muscles can provide muscle relaxation and also induce endorphin releases. Even if the cause of your symptoms are not muscular, self massaging the temples and jaw region with finger tips or knuckles for about 30-40 seconds a few times per day could be very beneficial.